Are you ready for a happier, smarter and more connected workplace?
story_Pool will bring it closer.

story_Pool is our team story sharing process. It’s one of the simplest ways to get started on creating a story culture in your organisation, business or community.

story_Pools are teams of 3 who meet regularly using the story_Pool process and tools. It’s a dynamic hub where story_Pool buddies can share experiences and deepen their connection. In every session, they get to practise their story skills and dive into a richer understanding and appreciation for the work they do. And the stories they are making together.

Life is best when it’s storyful. Your workplace can be storyful too. Read more. Download our brochure.


It’s never easy to find the time we need…

Purpose-driven organisations are usually chasing their tails trying to do more and better and even more, again. In the NFP sector this often means we are much better at looking after everyone else than we are at looking after ourselves.

But here’s the thing…

Every successful organisation knows that time to stop-and-think-and-plan-and-listen is essential to creating a healthy and fulfilling environment. We need time to connect with each other so we can move forward to do our best work together. story_Pool is designed to give us that opportunity.

With story_pool, you can count on…

  • More enjoyment at work. It’s amazing how story_Pool brings out the best in us.
  • Finding story confidence. Through telling, listening, questioning, making sense and understanding.
  • Building generous relationships that are based around trust, appreciation and openness.
  • Greater understanding of the vision and values of the organisation. And how each of us fits in to the big why.
  • Creating a stronger sense of belonging and engagement.
  • Uncovering stories that speak to the impact of the work. And encourage and inspire us to do more.
  • Gathering wisdom and knowledge from the experiences of the people we work beside.

Everyone has a seat at the table

We all know that humans do best when we’re invited to share our experiences and unique ways of seeing. That’s just how we’re made. We want to feel the joy of connecting ideas, values and discoveries. When we all have a voice at the table, our understanding of each other grows. And our confidence and trust takes off. We’re no longer just one person soldiering away because now we feel the power of what we can achieve together. It’s illuminating, it’s inspiring, and surprisingly enough, with story_Pool, it’s easy to make happen in any workplace.

Where are our stories?

One of the greatest challenges for any organisation is finding the stories that prove their impact and value. They know they have the stories And that’s frustrating because they know the stories are there… they know they are being made everyday… but they just don’t have the key to unlock them. That’s where the story-gathering benefits of story_Pool comes in.

story_Pool is for organisations who believe in their people and want to hear from them as well. In creating the space for stories, we create the space for people.

story_Pool is simple but so powerful. Often we’re not only amazed at others…we’re amazed at ourselves. We get a chance to be reminded of what we know, what we believe in and what we’ve achieved.