thumb_brandsWe grow brands.

At Only Human, we use the word brand when we’re talking about the essence of your organisation: it’s identity, both inside and out.
Our brand work includes storybranding, brand understanding & assessment, identity & graphic design and creative brand management.

You’re a NFP and your reputation is NOT preceding you. ☺ You know this is effecting your funding, your ability to foster partnerships, the services you can deliver and the energy of your teams.

Only Human cut our storyteeth in the Government and NGO sector. We love working with these groups because quite simply, they are built for story. Your stories are your best persuader. See this example.

Check out our work for Unifam, a Relationship Counselling organisation: how story informed the communications and marketing strategy and our brand identity design process. We also created products and juiced up existing publications to increase referrals and build reputation.

thumb_openmindsWe open minds.

We can reduce resistance to new ideas when we present the human side of a story.
Stories invite new possibilities & thinking and this naturally leads to changes in old behaviours.

Australia is facing a crisis in foster care and there is something getting in the way of people taking the leap to become foster parents. What is it? And how do we answer the sort of hard questions that are more likely to be asked and answered in lounge rooms than in brochures and information nights?

We gathered stories for UnitingCare Burnside as a recruitment resource to increase conversion rates in people inquiring about fostering. The book and videos are also used in training, induction and advocacy.

thumb_creativeWe think creatively.

Watching Moya explore new ways to solve old problems has been described by one client as ‘fireworks for the brain’. She replaces A B or C possibilities with the whole alphabet. And it’s contagious.
Working with traditional or new media and face-to-face, our creative teams produce zinging, fresh approaches and a freedom to innovate that continues to fuel your teams.

You face changes in government legislation that do not serve your industry. A very vocal & emotional group is lobbying the government against you. How do you broaden the conversation to allow your customers and sector to be heard?

Read what we came up with for the short term lending industry to support their submission to a joint commission inquiry. Video and text stories of ordinary people who would be most effected informed a range of campaign materials, including a national ad campaign. Stories and hard data worked together. It had never been attempted this way before and it worked.

thumb_sensitiveWe get sensitive issues.

We humans are a sensitive species (it’s one of our greatest gifts) but often organisations can underestimate just how sensitive people and situations can be. (Explosive results!) Alternatively, caution can make us over-estimate sensitivities and veer away from conversations that provide the richest insights and connections.

Only human has long been respected in the Government, health and welfare sectors for our work in sensitive areas and we bring this human understanding to commercial business situations as well.
We look after people.

You have an issue that cuts too close to the bone? How do you generate conversation, share knowledge and change behaviour if people don’t want ‘to go there’?
An example of our work in the NFP space, is the book In My Life. Our best practice processes, participant care and overarching philosophy are appreciated by our commercial clients everyday.

thumb_yourbackWe have your back.

We are in no doubt that real stories and real people are the most effective way to reach the heart and head of your target audience but like all great engagement approaches, there are risks that need to be managed. And there are crucial ethical concerns to be considered.

We have an outstanding record in risk minimisation through processes that have been developed over decades of storywork. We advise you on best practice consent and usage, participant management process, negotiation with Ethics Boards & legal departments and show you how to protect a respectful, long-lasting relationship with your community.
We make it a win-win for everyone involved.

A previous induction campaign using employee stories has gone belly-up. What went wrong?
In this video Moya tells the story of how a gap in good story process was a costly & damaging experience for a large government service deliverer. Or read here, how we work with an Ethics Board.

thumb_ROIWe give great ROI.

Story, like any innovative strategy, needs to work hard across your divisions and strategies. Otherwise, how can we ever justify the budget? The answer is to create solutions that will bring ideas, content and engagement that can be re-purposed again and again.
Examples? An awards night story that adds to your induction materials, your staff retention program or participation in your leadership programs. Staff video stories to boost a new collaboration strategy, a recruitment drive, a training program. A book of client stories to help your stakeholders with better customer service, build brand reputation, engage your community, provide web content and encourage new partnerships.

You need your community to get a fresh take on your clients and strategies. But no-one seems to want to read or watch anything you produce. So where’s the joy…and the ROI?
Read how this book (those things made of paper) produced for Regional Arts Australia led to returns never dreamt of: across all media and a diversity of groups. Or watch Moya share the secret of engaging content here.Read this blog post about creating benefits for other divisions.

thumb_storiesWe collect stories.

Because humans are natural storytellers, it’s easy to assume that great stories come naturally. Often they don’t – particularly when we have a strategic purpose in mind. Often people need a little (or a lot) of help to identify and share the stories that are most powerful. This applies to all of us: even a story activist like Moya. Watch

Stories come in all shapes and forms and even consumer generated social media story projects need good process and supportive mechanisms to make the experience deliver all the possible benefits. Not just for the organisation but for the participants too. Other projects, especially those with a big strategic intention, do well with expert story collectors at the helm: to advise on strategy, scope and mediums; to find the best stories; to help participants to reveal and reflect and to create video or text stories that are powerful, persuasive and targeted to a diverse range of needs.

We work with artists in film, photography, design, writing and performance to bring those stories to life.Watch Moya for some clues.

A book.. a websitea videoa event… a change strategy…a recruitment drive: all fueled by the lived stories of your people.

How powerful would that be?

thumb_storyboothWe love Story Booth.

Whenever people get together, the stories flow. This means any gathering is a king hit story opportunity but how do we make the most of it? How can we increase and hold the impact long after the last evening canapé is gone?

With StoryBooth organisations can exponentially increase the value of their face-to-face investment, at events or in the workplace. It’s a one-stop-story shop: a content creation-fest to engage participants, gather data and insights and create vibrant story content for social media, publications, training and …the list is endless.

You are planning an event that will bring together humans you want to get to know better or engage with your message. You want fun, more understanding, new connections and stories to share.

With our Mobile StoryBooth we look after everything. You don’t have to do a thing… You automatically get all our best practice process, our strategic understanding and our energy… tailored specifically to your event goals. More…

If you hold frequent events, DIY StoryBooth is for you. We design a StoryBooth you can run again and again. Training, strategy, ethics and legals, participant management all included. More…

Our Custom StoryBooth can visit your workplace with a range of story gathering experts. It’s story-intensive: one place, one time content gathering strategy. Are you ushering in new changes and want to put faces and stories to your key messages? Celebrating a key event in your company history? Rolling out a whole company strategy? Our strategic story consultancy kicks in beforehand, with Moya at the helm, so we can help you make the most of every story minute. More…

thumb_knowhowWe share know-how.

It’s only human to want to pass along what you know and believe in. It’s what makes the world go round.

Moya is Australia’s most loved story activist and narrative expert. She believes in people-power. Her training transcends ‘skill sets’: equipping your humans with practical story understanding, creative confidence and a collaborative mind-set.

Moya shares with leaders and teams; delivers workshops and keynotes and she brings in her arts experts to teach technical and artistic approaches.She can identify and train your most story-centric staff: it’s one of the best ways to build story-competency across your organisation.

Your organisation talking, sharing and living its stories…

Read about this Workforce Planning project where staff learned the story ropes and produced a series of books for recruitment.