Singapore is hip now?

Last time I was in Singapore I was 19 and on my way to Europe from Australia for the first time. It was a student travel flight, chock full of flares, platform shoes and 1970’s hairstyles. I remember the hairdresser from Sydney University Hair salon was on the plane too: and in the final hours before landing, the guys lined up to get their long hair pinned up and under: so it didn’t go past the collar. In those days, Singapore was very uncool (though they had great duty free transistor radios!) There was no way a guy could get past customs with hippy hair…that is, anything that crept over his collar. The customs officials would cut it off. Imagine that now…?

Anyway many years later, here I am posting this in Changi Airport. I’m waiting for the sun to come up before I catch a cab into town. (I’m here for the Origins conference organised by Patrick Lambe and Shawn Callahan)… and things have changed. This is a very cool airport now….  like there’s free wi-fi throughout. (Just ask for the password from the information desk). This is making me so happy this morning…and hey, I’m writing to you! Remind me why this isn’t the case at every airport? Wanting to communicate when you’re away from home is only human..isn’t it??

Love to hear any of your stories about a place or organisation that has loosened up to  become human friendly? Even the smallest change can do the trick..

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Moya Sayer-Jones is one of Australia's foremost experts on story; she consults with government, NFPs and corporate clients to help them access and use story to support their strategic objectives.


  1. Mike Aaron Yap says:


    Glad you found Singapore a Hip and cool place now. We have come a long way to get to where we are.Hope you like the local food.

  2. Thanks for writing Mike: and yes..what about the food! Also finding that Singapore is using a lot of very cool story approaches in your social marketing arenas. I am snapping my camera and will post some examples this week.

  3. Hey Mike and Moya!

    It was my first visit to Singapore and what a lovely time I had just walking around! I was very happy to be part of the conference. Storytelling in Social Media is in it’s nascent stages here in India and was pleased to see similar instances in Singapore as well. Will connect with both of you on email soon.

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