Results / Testimonials

Thanks to your work with the Communications plan, the rebranding and the ‘products’, the team are very enthused and there is a building of momentum… I love it when a plan comes together.

Megan Soloman
Manager, Clinical Programs

The customer videos are amazing. You are re-connecting us with our mission to ‘advance people’s lives.’ Thank you Moya.

Robert Bryant
CEO, Money3

When Moya started working with us on a key advocacy campaign we knew that we wanted to tell the stories of the people we worked with, but Moya had the vision of the ‘how’, and it is the ‘how’ that made the campaign work. Her understanding of the strategic intent of our organisation, our advocacy objectives as well as her natural empathy with the people we work with made her an invaluable part of the project.

Nicole Osborne,
Communications & Marketing Manager
UnitingCare Burnside Children, Young People & Families

I want to formally and enthusiastically thank you for your wonderful support, hard work and creative ideas for the Anchor.The work is only just beginning as we use the Comms Plan as a blueprint for the programs growth and reach, and I look forward to engaging you all at some later stage as we build on the ideas and images you have brought to life for us.

Director, Unifam

Moya’s enthusiasm made success possible – she inspired others and energised the project team. Her wealth of experience and expertise in working with vulnerable people was invaluable; her knowledge of what ‘cuts through’ resulted in a campaign that was focussed and effective. I can’t stress enough how instrumental she was in achieving this.

Eamon Waterford,
Formerly Policy Officer
UnitingCare Burnside

This project has been a transformative gift for the organisation. When we talked about leaving a legacy from this investment I don’t think we really knew what it would be. I can now see it everyday…I can’t thank you enough for your vision and persistence.

Karen Bevan
Director Social Justice Unit, UnitingCare Burnside

Media response has been fantastic…our presence spreads even further and deeper. The stories are currently being given new life through a SBS television project. The effects of Big Story Country will be seen in new projects for years to come…

Ruth Smiles
Regional Arts Australia

This has been an extremely successful resource and has been widely used for students, as a training and educative tool for workers, and as a poignant reminder for all of us of the struggles and triumphs of those people for whom life has been tough.

Claerwen Little, Acting CEO
UnitingCare Burnside Children, Young People and Families

…I consider being in the book amongst these Australia-wide projects to be one of the highlights of my career. It has helped me to establish myself as a creative researcher in the school of design…

Dr Ian Weir PhD (UWA)
BArch (Hons), BA Ind. Design
University of Western Australia

Thanks so much for this beautiful book, Beyond the Call. A veteran myself, I was given the book recently when I was awarded a contract to provide counselling services to veterans.
This book is invaluable for people who work with veterans but are not veterans themselves – because it is hard to know what it is like if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

Libby Thompson
All You Can Be Psychology

Moya’s positive and energetic approach made it impossible to discount my accomplishments or dismiss as peripheral, something that had the potential to illustrate the essence of what I do in my interactions with clients, or the value I bring to the table when working with them.

Rosemary Grieve
Rosemary A Grieve & Associates

I was set free, just from telling my story. Seriously.  I’ve told you before that Beyond the Call and your influence was a life altering experience for me, the ripple effect continues!

Jim Mepham
Jungle Jim Documentary Pictures

Moya, your book is just wonderful… the interviews are in depth and terrific and the layout is superb: it made me want to pick up the book immediately and once I did then I couldn’t stop reading.

Anne Deveson AO

I worked with Moya to create a book to market engineering careers at RailCorp. It was quite a challenge to get engineers describe their work in language that would be understood by someone who is not necessarily an engineer! I learnt to relax the participants, bring out the best stories and uncover insights. Five years later, we are still using the book in our recruitment.

Ranjit Nair
Manager-Talent Development,

This project was commissioned to honour the lives and achievements of older Australians… It has proven to be so popular both in Australia and internationally. We feel we know the people, we recognise their problems and we see their achievements as tangible, practical and attainable.

Fiona Lynch-Magor
Assistant Secretary
Office for An Ageing Australia

We are delighted with the response to Another Day. This is a project that we are proud to sponsor.

Commissioning Organisation:
Sophie Schultz – Janssen-Cilag Psychiatry

Have found Another Day invaluable when it comes to educating people about my lifestyle. Recently came out of a psych ward (again) and left all my new friends from there with copies, also the nurses and copies for general reading on the ward…

Participant: Lisa D, Victoria

This book has been and continues to be something that people love and get great benefit from. We have distributed a copy to every member of the NSW Parliament through the Parliamentary Friends and again the feedback has been exceptional.

Consumer/Advocacy Group
Rob Ramjan AM
CEO, Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW

The subject I’ll be teaching next semester is ‘Rehabilitation and Mental Health’. I also teach Applied Counselling, so am particularly keen to include stories about the lived experiences. Thank you for Another Day. I am so looking forward to the students engaging with the stories.

Academic/University (teaching):
Ruth Crocker
Department of Disability Studies, School of Medicine
Flinders University

I am in the final 6 months of a Master of Counselling Psychology degree and am now doing a text mining analysis of Another Day to investigate the different themes evident in the stories of people with schizophrenia and their family members…

Academic/University (Researcher):
Ann-Maree Whelan
Macquarie University

I recently attended a medication in-service, where there was some copies of a booklet called Another Day. I was very impressed and I have a number of clients who would like a copy…

Health Worker:
Amanda Wallis
Case Manager, Community Care Team
John Bomford Centre

My 17-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with a mental illness this year. Stories from others who are experiencing similar things is so helpful.  I would be more than happy to become a ‘mini distributor’, major for that matter. I know it would be so helpful for many of the staff and patients at the Research Institute…

Family Member