New strategies

TOWER Insurance

TOWER Insurance asked Moya to present the keynote at the launch of their new company values. This was to be a whole-of-company celebration and a living expression of this inclusive culture.

The new values were devised over 12 months by 100 staff members who had consulted with the remaining 600. Very much a shared project.

As part of her discovery process, Moya spoke with staff from the mail room to the board room. She took specialist Image Doc, Dean Golja, along and they gathered stories about personal values and work values and the intersection of both. Moya used Photobooth on her Mac laptop for a simple video that would kick-off the event.

The theme of the presentation was a celebration of the diversity and culture of TOWER humans: the reminder that ‘values’ isn’t a layer we put on top of life but something intrinsically part of all our personal choices too.

The video worked like a charm: like the best home movie might. Lots of fun and emotion connecting the hundreds of team members. It was played over and over again in the staff café, training events and conferences.

The stories Moya gathered formed the basis of her presentation: making it unique to TOWER, relevant to the audience and confirming the strategic intention. Which was…? All aboard!