RailCorp series

Stories for recruitment and retention

RailCorp is a NSW Government corporation offering passenger rail services within New South Wales. It is one of the largest employees in the State and so recruitment is a key issue.

This series of eight story collections were designed to celebrate the diversity of the RailCorp’s workforce and emphasise the richness of opportunity for new recruits. The stories were not crafted to ‘sell’ the organisation but to introduce the people and an emerging culture.

Specific employee groups were targeted including: Women, Apprentices, Engineers, Mature Staff, Indigenous & Young People. Through their stories readers come to understand the benefits and opportunities available.

We trained and mentored eight staff members to identify, gather and craft the stories which came from all levels of the company. Managers, train drivers, engineers, cleaners, even the CEO.

Recently Only Human produced another two books as compilations of the series.