Our books…

Someone Like Me

Client: UnitingCare Burnside
Funding: Australian Government

This collection was packaged with additional video stories. It was produced for a welfare agency to support their recruitment of potential foster parents. Conversion rates from initial inquiry to commitment is very low and research suggests traditional recruitment information doesn’t answer the questions that people need… but are are afraid to ask. Inspiring and real.


Seeded: Great arts and health stories grown in regional Australia

Client: Regional Arts Australia

This book was created as an advocacy tool for the arts and health sectors. It was produced in partnership with the National Rural Alliance and has been utilised in training, marketing and advocacy. It was the second storybook investment for this organisation. (See Big Story Country)


Breaking the Fall

Client: Unifam

This book is the key element of Unifam’s referral and information strategy. It was designed to inform school teachers about the effects of separation and divorce on children; and support best frontline response. The book features stories from children, teachers, counsellors and parents to illuminate fact based information.


Come Together

Client: UnitingCare Burnside

Produced to support a TAFE program, Come Together is a collection of stories from very young parents who have found a way to re-enter the education system. It is also used as a training and advocacy tool and re-purposed for a social media campaign.


RailCorp series – Stories for recruitment and retention

Client: RailCorp – A NSW Government Corporation

This series of story booklets was commissioned by Workforce Planning division as part of their recruitment strategy. We worked to build capacity and skills internally so the stories could be gathered and crafted by HR employees who also managed the creative realisation. The stories come from all levels of the company, from train drivers, to engineers, cleaners and even the CEO. Stories not to sell, but to connect and share.


Another Day

Client: Janssen-Cilag

Another Day was created in consultation with Janssen-Cilag, advocacy groups and mental health experts. These stories explore a range of different facets of living with schizophrenia. The participants were actively involved in all stages of the writing and production process. Another Day is both a resource for those in the mental health profession as well as a supportive and powerful tool for people living with schizophrenia. Another Day is available for free.


Beyond the Call

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs, AGPN (Australian General Practice Network)

Beyond the Call is a collection of the stories of veterans and their families dealing with the effects of post-war trauma and PTSD. This book was originally conceived as a resource for service providers and families, but has now been requested by a much wider audience including community groups, trade unions, employee associations, government agencies and universities. Beyond the Call addresses mental health conditions experienced by these veterans and opens discussion about an issue shared by many, but spoken of by few.


Moving Forward

Client: UnitingCare Burnside

This small collection of stories from refugee families animated a lobbying campaign to protect a welfare program threatened with closure. It was designed to put a ‘human face’ on facts and figures, illustrate the value of the program and inspire support. The program was renewed.


A good story will engender empathy and understanding and put the ‘numbers’ into perspective. It brings the humans into the room.”


Walking the talk

Client: UnitingCare Burnside

Walking the talk is a speech and language resource manual designed to assist parents to play a more active role in their children’s language and literacy development. It also includes a comprehensive kit of practical resources including word symbol cards and a CD.


Big Story Country

Client: Regional Arts Australia

This collection of 35 great arts stories reflects and celebrates the art and the people of rural Australia as well as increasing community appreciation of the significant value of the arts to life in rural Australia. Big Story Country delivered outcomes way beyond original expectation and has become a powerful tool for funding, learning and advocacy. A selection of stories from the book inspired a SBS television project and a new book of arts health stories is also underway.


In My Life

Client: Department of Health and Ageing, UnitingCare Burnside

UnitingCare Burnside partnered with government and advocacy groups to produce this book primarily to improve understanding about families supporting a member with an illicit drug addiction. This has been a landmark publication for research and community awareness both in Australia and internationally. It continues to be used for training, advocacy, community awareness and assisting families in similar situations.


Inspiring not Retiring: Celebrating active older Australians

Client: Department of Health and Ageing

Inspiring not Retiring was commissioned to honor the lives and achievements of older Australians. All the storytellers were nominated for the Senior Australian of the Year and the stories prove you don’t have to be young to make a difference.



Client: UnitingCare Burnside

They… is a collection of stories designed for service providers, government agencies and community as part of a social justice campaign around disadvantaged families. It was distributed nationally to government bodies, health and welfare institutions, public libraries, universities, schools and a range of community service settings. It was our first book and like all good books of stories it has had a long life. It has seen several re-prints and fourteen years after publication, continues to be requested.