We often use strategic storywork to provide balance to a public conversation that works against the interests of an organisation. This project was initiated by a financial institution to allow another side of a story to be told and understood.

Our client is a member of the Short Term Lending industry. A Joint Commission Inquiry was being undertaken by the Federal Government to advise on new legislation that would create a significant impact on that sector.

The voices of opposing interests were coming through loud and clear: negative stories about industry practices dominated media and government. Our client believed that the debate was needing new information and that the opinions and needs of a large group of financially disadvantaged borrowers were not being heard.

The industry had a great deal of statistical evidence to support their position but they were facing a very emotional opposition. How could they introduce their own customer views into the mix?

The Good 4 Me campaign was created in the run-up to the inquiry to broaden and humanise the debate. The target audience was the members of the commission and other Government bodies.

We were invited to gather stories without interference or direction from the industry. We worked with the PR company who were managing the sector response and we were invited to contribute our findings based on the stories we heard.

Our strategy involved a non-branded information website, video stories from people experiencing financial exclusion, story collateral to support the submission and story-based national press advertisements aimed at Government Ministers and their advisors. It was successful beyond expectation.

The proposed legislation has now been dropped and the issue is undergoing further review.

See how real stories informed the debate. Read the ‘story submission’.