In my life

Eleven Australian families share their experiences of supporting a family member with an illict drug addiction. The stories are told by mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and friends: some from multi-perspectives. This beautiful book (published 2006) is much loved and is continuing to enjoy a long and very useful life, through many reprints. It is used to assist service providers (information, training, induction), families in similar situations, advocacy groups etc.

It continues to be distributed to families presenting to services for the first time in the hope that they will recognise some of their own experiences in the stories and return for more support.

It was funded by the Australian Government and was based on the findings of a 2002 study into Barriers and Incentives to Treatment. The agency, Family Drug Support, was a key supporter of this project and assisted in identifying the families. For legal or personal reasons, all families have been de-identified.