Australia Council for the Arts

Moya first met Kathy Keele (CEO Australia Council for the Arts) at the Regional Arts Australia national conference in Alice Springs. Kathy was launching Big Story Country, a book of stories produced by us for Regional Arts Australia. That meeting in the desert led to a lively discussion about the paralysing effects of ‘artspeak’ and some of Kathy’s goals for the organisation, including increasing public perception of the expertise and value of their team. Only Human started working with the Council that year by gathering the stories of the executive team and then, the Council board.

Our starting point? Kathy was proud of the diverse talents, breadth of experience and commitment of the people in the teams. She wanted to use stories to show the richness of their backgrounds and how their personal passions contribute to the Council. We concentrated on the website, throwing out the standard CVs and those typical corporate headshots and replacing them with very human stories and powerful images that everyone can be proud of. And relate to.

The stories were gathered in one-to-one conversations and then working from transcripts distilled into website friendly nuggets. And a series of cards for special ‘snail-mail’ connections were created by our Design Doctor, Clive Jones.

Celebrating our people (and their contributions) will always bring enormous value to any organisation. And not just externally. Benefits include those often overlooked internal improvements: building understanding and connections between team members, providing an opportunity for individuals to reflect on why we are in an organisation and how we are currently contributing.

And in the case of the Australia Council board, how lucky we are to work beside such accomplished and passionate humans.