Another Day

Another Day is a 48 page book of stories crafted from original transcripts of Moya’s conversations with families experiencing schizophrenia. It was commissioned by Janssen-Cilag (Australia) and produced by OH in consultation with advocacy groups, an expert panel and the families themselves.

It is offered free.

We found five very different families to create a collection that reflected a range of experiences: the young and the not so young, straights and gays, the wealthy and not so. The storytellers include people with schizophrenia, their parents and partners, friends and children. And we asked what life was like for them. How have they coped? What makes it harder? Easier? What have they learnt? Sometimes it is in the smallest detail, that moves readers to drop their preconceived notions and think again.

In our Only Human story method, participants are involved in all stages of the writing and production process. In Another Day, the storytellers have reported long term, unexpected benefits that have flowed to them from the process itself.

All our books and resources are designed to be as beautiful as this. We want readers pick them up and read to the end. This is particularly important for sensitive issues such as schizophrenia that the community finds difficult to approach. High production values are persuasive and confirm the idea that these families are proud and impressive.