Coaching with Story: Start with an expansive idea



If you work in the house of A, you can’t expect payment from the house of B.


I first read this quote when I was in my twenties. Sadly, I can’t remember now where I read it and no amount of googling over the years has put me out of my misery. But I pass it along because it’s such a useful starting point for a whole range of coaching dilemmas.

I found it as a young writer and it stuck with me. I was just starting out on what has been a lifetime of decisions around creativity, money, social acceptance and happiness. The thinking inherent in it has saved me from regret and dissatisfaction and any number of therapy sessions! [Read more…]

Leading with Story: It takes talent to find talent


The woman was anxious to get in touch to discuss induction and team retention. She represented an international company and was Head of Talent Management.

She wanted to improve the way new members of the Australian business engaged with the key values of the company. Time was of the essence. [Read more…]

Old Story to New Story: See the change

Retro store by Michael Sauers
There were about 15 women, all ages and backgrounds, heads down in a St Vincent de Paul Thrift shop. I was doing my usual scan through the racks looking for a 60’s or 70’s style gem…one that wouldn’t make me look like I was there the first time.

The radio was on, as it often is, tuned into a middle of the road AM station – classic hits and a steady stream of talk back. I wasn’t really even aware of it until I heard the old 1960’s shock jock (still talking after all these years) say… [Read more…]

Coaching with Story: Find the Forward Metaphor


Miljöer-Fjällmiljö, Miljöer-Bergslandskap

Miljöer-Fjällmiljö, Miljöer-Bergslandskap


The woman was quietly exhausted by her struggle to move on after her organization had been forced to close. She had worked there for twenty years and now, in a forced retirement, she was consumed by grief and inertia. For her, the past glittered and the future held nothing. [Read more…]

Why You Need a Big Future Story

img_3112-1I was 41 weeks pregnant (literally) when I nabbed my first job writing for television. I remember waddling into the Executive Producer’s office and seeing him quickly look from me to the spindly chair I was heading towards. He was a polite guy and tried to hide his amazement. (Note: he didn’t hide it very well.)

Looking back, I can’t imagine where I got the energy, the chutzpah or even a dress big enough to take that interview. Even more surprising was that I ended up landing the gig. [Read more…]

No Story Without a Listener

elephant-little-prince It was a small training session. The group was learning a new process to record the stories of their programs for practice evaluation. One woman looked flustered, anxious. [Read more…]

No Excuses: Be Story Visual

This hand drawn infographic will blow excuses out of the water. The excuse that we can’t draw; the excuse that only professional illustrations make the cut these days; the excuse that we don’t have the budget to tell a visual story. [Read more…]

The Story of Home


We have been working this year with Bonnie’s, a feminist refuge and homelessness service. The first stage of the work was in creating a new brand identity and website informed by their amazing 40 year story. Then we moved onto to translating that into all their associated collateral and finally into a mentoring role with their staff.

[Read more…]

Best Story Ideas from Around the World

dancing in jersulalemMonday Fireworks for the Brain

Straight from my brain to yours. This is a deliriously fab selection of the best creative story ideas and advice from around the globe.

Apologies that I didn’t post last week. I meant to honestly but I was swimming in stories playing out all around me. So, I was breathing in last week and now I have something to breathe out again. (This is Top Creative Rule #1)

So now, grab your coffee and breathe in yourself. Get set to rock and don’t forget to share when you too are ready to breathe out!

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Great Story Ideas From Around the World 21/09/2014

cactus book empathy

More Fireworks for the Brain…

As you know by now, the thing that keeps me here at the laptop every Sunday (instead of frolicking in the real world) is my desire to share great story ideas. And especially the way stories are told across different sectors. We all need to be constantly seeking new creative ways to raise heads. It doesn’t really matter how niche we might assume our audiences are. The most important thing to remember is this. Whether we are trying to reach a head-down researcher, a relentless commercially-driven boss, a style freak, a client with low literacy or a numbers-oriented politician… [Read more…]