Beyond the Call


Beyond the Call

Beyond the Call was commissioned by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs to increase understanding and support for Veterans and their families. It was originally conceived as a resource to accompany training conducted by AGPN (Australian General Practice Network) but has been requested by a much greater audience.

Fifteen thousand copies were published in April 2009 and stocks were exhausted within six months. Beyond the Call has recently been re-printed.

Who should read this book?

If someone in your family is a veteran and suffering PTSD, other mental health issues or engaging in damaging drug use, you will gain new understanding around your own family and realise you are not alone. You will find contacts for help and services.

If you work in drug and alcohol or mental health services, in the police force, welfare areas, the courts or in schools then Beyond the Call will show you the assistance veterans’ families need as they work towards management and rehabilitation.


If you have work colleagues who are struggling, then Beyond the Call can show how a little understanding and tolerance can go a long way when things are tough.

If you are an employer, then the stories may give you the understanding to help you retain good employees or encourage you to participate in a work trial with a veteran.

If you are living in a community where stigma about mental health issues abounds, this book will help you change minds. Including possibly, your own!


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