A few words from our humans

In 2005 Moya founded OnlyHuman.com.au – Australia’s first fully-declared unabashedly-creative + transparently-human storytelling agency.

In those days, story was a hard sell. We were noisy story activists long before it became the new black of business.

Back then, it was only the visionaries – change agents in government, not-for-profits and commercial businesses – who were brave enough to trust us and the power of story to create meaningful connections for their organizations. Inside and out.

Together we discovered that if we share who we are and what we do, authentically and creatively, other humans will truly get us and we will get them. That’s when everything else naturally follows – the long standing relationships, the thrill of collaboration, the energy, the pleasure, the inspiration to be better.

At onlyhuman, we call these things The Good Stuff and we work with you as creative partners to get it.

The Good Stuff isn’t always easy to measure but it’s very easy to feel. And the results are tangible. The Good Stuff is what makes our stakeholders want to work with us, buy from us, listen to us and share generously. It’s what cuts out the gobbledegook, gets to the heart and emotionally connects us to the possibilities of sharing effort, belief and values.

How Do We Work With You?

We are experts in listening, interpreting and seeing possibilities. Check out our Work With Us page to get a picture of how that translates: to events, social research, books, video, training, web content and collaborative strategy. By the way, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions because, like humans, challenges just don’t come in ONE size! We work big and small. We listen to what you need to achieve, evaluate what we can build on and then use our creative experience across the arts to make it happen.

If you are new to story or ready to get more of The Good Stuff, let’s talk. After all, it’s what humans do!


No man is an island…and no organisation is either